What up Tumblr,
I actually have a butt load* of stuff to put on display in the coming months, pretty much everything from my 2 year hiatus. Some stuff I need to prep and some I’m just not actually allowed to share yet.

I’ve decided I’m going to make Tumblr my official portfolio host because I like the social aspect of it and I’m going to cleverly merge that with this blog. I’m not particularly active on any social sites at the moment but I do add art/design related stuff reasonably often to Pinterest if that is something you’re in to.

To make up for the absence when I return properly this blog will be a bit less formal with more frequent general interest posts.

*Interesting fact, a butt is a measurement for cask wines and 1 Butt is roughly 475 Litres. I don’t know if that is where the term comes from.

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